While the freedom of press is widely recognized and respected in Uruguay, the language and cultural barriers may be a problem for international journalists coming to our country.

Fixer Uruguay has gathered enough experience working on international TV programmes, current affairs pieces and news reports to make life easier for international media people. We are able to provide references about our journalistic projects upon request.

We act as a one-shop-stop for foreign journalists and can help you in several areas including:

  • Initial research
  • Local access & contributors
  • Fact checking
  • General production support (such as equipment hire, logistics & crew hire etc.)

If you are a foreign journalist coming to Uruguay, feel free to get in touch. Our production fixers are knowledgeable of the country and always ready to help.

Initial Research

Any journalist must understand the basic elements of their news piece or report before actually working on it.

Our Fixer Uruguay team will provide you with adequate initial research free of charge.

Fact Checking

With the ever-increasing media sources & and online platforms today, the difference between an amateur work and a great news piece is just a thin line. Our fixers help international journalists with local fact checking using connections across the country.

Local Access to Contributors

The kind of access one can get in great locations or people is a huge determinant of the quality of the report.

Our fixers have connections with good contacts around the country to provide adequate help for news pieces and current affairs projects.

Production Support

We provide ground help which is key when doing a news piece or current affairs report. Our experienced production fixer in Uruguay knows how to handle logistics, timetables & itineraries. Additionally, we can source any complex requests through trusted local partners.


Throughout the production period, we assist with all the things needed for logistics, including catering & transportation.