Fixer Uruguay is a one-stop-shop for any international filmmakers and journalists coming to our country.

We offer some of our services directly such as: general fixing, locations scouting and management, production management, research. In addition, our local partners help us source for talent, crew, logistics and gear.

Fixer Uruguay works as a fully-fledged production company in Uruguay by sourcing other services from freelancers or local suppliers. Therefore we can sort kit rental, crew hiring and talent search at affordable local rates.

Location Scouting

Locations like Las Piedras, Paysandú, Ciudad dala Costa, Salto and others have been host to over 50 international movies in recent years. Location access is generally hassle-free, although some places may require approval from several entities.

In addition, Uruguay offers standard studio facilities for animation and CGI based movies.  

Our film fixer in Uruguay is always available to provide you with the best location options that suit your production.

Crew Sourcing

Fixer Uruguay has access to highly skilled production staff. These English-speaking locals handle all film production technical tasks and have sufficient experience in working on international projects.

We have links to several film production companies in Uruguay and also leading directors, sound operators, photographers and makeup artists.

Equipment Hire

If you are looking to hire production equipment locally, Uruguay has several kit rental companies in places like Paysandú and Las Piedras. The available of the kit includes high-quality cameras, lightning, grips and so on.

Fixer Uruguay can get the deals at local rates.

Assistance for Foreign Journalists

Fixer Uruguay provides professional production support for foreign journalists in areas like: general research, fact checking, contributors, location access, logistics.

Each Uruguayan fixer has in-depth understanding of journalistic production needs.

General Production Support

Fixer Uruguay has an all-in-one offering for international crews and filmmakers.