Uruguay is a Latin American country with rich cultural heritage and several attractive destinations perfect for filming. We have a good number of local talents, various types of locations and affordable English-speaking crews. Therefore filming in Uruguay is certainly a good option for most directors and producers.

Fixer Uruguay has access the country’s unique locations and can make the most of its talented film freelancers and local stories. Additionally, we support foreign journalists in doing press coverage locally.

Over the years, several world class directors chose filming in Uruguay. Movies that were shot in our country include: The Last Train (2002), Blindness (2008), Burnt Money (2007), A Place In The World (1992) & Stranded (2008).


Filming Permits in Uruguay

You need to get a film permit in Uruguay when interfering with normal day-to-day life or accessing restricted locations such as natural parks.

Filming permits in Uruguay mostly take about a week or two to process for our film fixers. This depends on the type of location and requirements (number of days, road closures etc).

The National Film and Audiovisual Directorate issues some of the permits. Filming in Uruguay is free in most places, but there are spots requiring a location fee.

Our film fixer in Uruguay recommends crews to add insurance, especially for film permits in locations with damage risk.


Access for Foreign Journalists

The World Press Freedom Index ranks Uruguay 20th in the world, ahead of countries like France or Spain and close to Canada and Australia. This proves that authorities and locals generally respect press freedom.

Therefore, apart from the usual cautions when traveling abroad, foreign journalists do not have to worry about doing their job.

Fixer Uruguay is experienced working with international media outlets and can generally obtain access to any location or contributor in the country. Getting interviews with local authorities may require follow-up calls. However, officials are generally open in talking to the media.


Film Tax Incentive in Uruguay

The tax incentive for filming in Uruguay implies a max 25% (but not more than US$400,000) rebate on all eligible expenses in the country. The minimum spending in Uruguay is US$1 million and the tax incentive applies for any production apart from commercials.

The 22% VAT exemption already in place for production services comes as an extra incentive for foreign filmmakers.


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